Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yes, technology! It's technology everywhere, it has come into almost every part of modern people's life and we are all ever so busy in catching up with the breathtaking advancing and development of it! It's almost like you blink you miss out!

But then the good part is we don't have to (don't think we can anyway) know evrything anything about it as long as we can manage to apply some of it to our life, especially those that make our life so much more fun and convenient! A brilliant example is just how much we can do to photos taken with digital cameras: by only using the mouse to click here and there, a picture can go so far from looking perfect to our eyes to secured keeping, to online sharing, publishing, etc. etc...........

I am yet to learn a lot more about it though, but wouldn't it be cool to be able to do much much more!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flickr mashups

I am totally overwhelmed by how much more everybody anybody can do with Flickr mashups to creat a third party site, some of which are so clever and look so professional, like some of those sites created by librarians. I can see that this will all get more and more interesting and challenging as we carry on with the training exercise.

Oh, while doing this exercise I saw this beautiful picture and thought other people may enjoy it as well, just click

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Exercise 4: Flickr

Wow, what a wonderful new world Flickr opens up for me! It's amazing how many images you can view at a click -- had to say it's so easy to get carried away (have done just that!) -- and the pictures I got to view are just fantastic and breathtakingly beautiful, wish I could take photos like that -- it's inspiring! To make it even better I learnt to post whatever photos I like to my blog, and hope I'll be able to do more to them as I go along with more exercise, like editing, customizing them to sit beautifully in my blog! The following is the site I explored into:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just registered

Wow! I have just created my own blog -- so much easier than I expected it would be! It's amazing to see how much more I can do with it, and am already excited about all this! Can't wait to start exploring this whole new area. It's going to be fun!!