Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Learning about wikis

Used Wikipedia before purely to look things up, this exercise has just opened a much broader world in front of me -- knowing that viewers can also be creators is exciting as well as scaring! -- but still love it, especially when libraries can benefit so hugely from it creating easy-to-use guides and referrences,etc. I can happily waive the disadvantage of it(and I'm sure in the very near future things will work out to change that)!

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Biblio Chick said...

Glad to see you are catching up, Catchup - isn't it fun? So much to learn and so little time, and yet all the time in the world on the world wide web.

I had to keep on reminding myself to walk a little faster too - reminded me of the poem by Lewis Carrol

"Will you walk a little faster?"
Said a whiting to a snail,
"There's a porpoise close behind us,
And he's treading on my tail."

The whole poem is actually relevant to what we are doing - will we, won't we, will we, won't we?

Of course we will!